Our Commitment Is That You Are Delighted With Our Work


You have web design and internet marketing questions. Core Zero has the answers.

The idea is to get your new website up and running quickly and hassle-free. We like what we do and we’re good at it. We deliver what we say we will by when we say we will. You can count it. Just like the 1,000’s of clients we’ve served over the past 20+ years.

About Us & What We Do Here


We’ve been at this for a while and we love it! We started our tech careers before Macs & PC’s. Before the World Wide Web. Think Unix. We know the web inside and out having been computer and network techies as the web literally came into being. We were there when ethernet was invented and we were on the scene when search engines showed up. Hint: it was before Google, and hence, we learned search engine optimization. We saw the advent of internet marketing, the pop-up ad, and affiliate marketing. We watched social media arrive, and for many years we wrote and taught seminars and webinars about it and delivered social media graphic design, branding, and apps. We wrote and taught computer technical courses before there was ever a single computer book in Barnes & Noble, before they even existed. I guess we must be really old according to this! Anyway, we do love to wax nostalgic about all of it.


How We Do It


Seriously then, here’s a little bit about how we do what we do here. To ensure a smooth experience and successful outcomes, these are some of the systems and processes we follow:

  • Written Policy & Procedure Manuals for process integrity and business continuity
  • Online Project Management Software (backed up in the Cloud)
  • Secure Cloud File Sharing
  • Encrypted Password File Systems
  • Scheduled on and off site backups
  • AntiVirus and AntiMalware on all servers and workstations
  • Contracts and Digital Signatures on all engagements
  • Premium Help Desk Ticketing System
  • Ongoing technical training and development
  • Ongoing business coaching and personal development

Thanks for reading this far! Perhaps we should put your name in a prize drawing of some sort? Either way, you’ll come out a winner when you connect with us for your next website. See what we did there? But seriously again, thanks for looking into working with us here at Core Zero.

At Core Zero We Don’t Ask For Your Trust. We Earn It.