Get Up & Running Quickly with a Core Zero Flip Starter Site™

Core Zero offers Flip Starter Sites™ to get you up and running quickly and easily with a fully functional website targeted to your audience. These sites differ in a few ways from the traditional fully custom web design we’ve specialized in over the years:

  • Flip Starter Websites are much less expensive
  • They are already built and usually populated with content
  • They can be customized with your own Logo & information
  • Manage the site just like your LinkedIn or Facebook presence
  • Updating and adding to your new website is much like typing a letter
  • You get free video training with your Flip Starter Site™
  • You get free setup tech support with your Flip Starter Site™
  • See more below about other benefits and additional free services

We provide a wide assortment of website designs for various industries and professions. Contact Us Here today to discuss your internet marketing and website design needs.


A Flip Starter Site™ is a combination of two things: A pre-made “Starter Website” that gets you up and running quickly, and the opportunity to purchase it at auction on the world’s largest website and domain marketplace, Flippa™.

Why? There are two great reasons to buy on Flippa: First, you have the opportunity to purchase a website for a much lower cost than you would typically pay. Second, to sweeten the deal, it is common practice for us to offer incentives to Flippa™ buyers which means you get more bang for your buck. It means that many add-ons which would normally be charged a-la carte for each and every one are already thrown in to the deal, no matter what final price the auction winner ends up paying. Call it a risk-reversal of sorts. We list what you get and you get it, whether or not the prices all add up for us.

Again… Why? Basically this gives us the option to create beautiful and highly functional business and marketing websites the way we want to build them, and on our own schedule. Another great thing for us is the global exposure we get through being a Flippa™ reseller.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for be sure to Contact Us to have a discussion about what you’d like. We’ll design a website for you and likely slant it in the direction of your preferences. Then we’ll list it on Flippa™ and send you the link to the sale.

A big plus is that you get service, training, and tech support after the sale–all for the winning price of the auction. As a buyer you’re also protected by Flippa™’ and those extra services are  an important part of what they want to see happening so that their buyers have optimal experiences. In order to be a trusted partner in good standing in their Starter Site program we have to show them that we deliver service after the sale, every time. It’s a very unique program and highly scrutinized. We’re proud to be participating.

Flippa™ is the world’s largest dedicated marketplace for buying and selling both fully functional websites and bare domain names. SitePoint, the company behind it all has a remarkable internet business success story.

With offices in San Francisco and Melbourne, Australia, Flippa™ was founded in 2009 by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz from what was originally SitePoint, a web developer forum established in 1999. SitePoint remains a respected publisher of books, courses, and articles for web developers, and founded Learnable in 2010.

The SitePoint Marketplace, a spinoff from the site’s existing forums, was launched in 2005 as a forum in which web designers and developers could outsource projects. In 2007, part of the marketplace was spun off as, an online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design. In 2011, received its first outside investment in the form of $35 million in venture capital funding.

Another SitePoint spinoff, Flippa™, launched in 2009 as a dedicated marketplace for buying and selling websites and domain names. By 2014, it had traded more than $115 million in websites and domains. Notable websites and domains sold through Flippa have included Mark Zuckerberg’s former website Facemash at $30,000, and and each at $250,000.

All of our Flippa™ Starter Site auctions include the following services and benefits regardless of the winning auction bid amount. Read on below for additional services added on when one of our Flip Starter Sites™ sells instantly for the Buy It Now price.

Standard Auction Winner Receives:

  • You own the domain name. Ownership is transferred to you no charge
  • You own the website and content
  • All photos and design elements are transferred to you
  • A site backup is transferred to you for disaster recovery
  • The website is moved to your cPanel web hosting account
  • 2 email addresses set up for you
  • Lifetime access to 40+ always up-to-date WordPress Training Videos
  • All website settings are pre-configured
  • 5 Day after sale support up to 1hr/day of support for one week

Buy It Now Auction Winner Receives In Addition:

  • +5 Days more after-sale support up to 1hr/day of support (total 2 weeks)
  • Install Logo, Header, or Photo provided by you
  • Website is fully optimized on page for Search Engines
  • Special Report on finding free photos and graphics for your website
  • Website is built on a WordPress Premium Theme
  • Theme is responsive for mobile devices and tablets
  • All Premium WordPress Plugins included
  • Up to 10 pages fully optimized for on-page SEO
  • Add up to 5 more website users and email accounts

Our Commitment Is That You Are Delighted With Our Work

The whole idea of Flip Starter Sites™ is to get you up and running with a professional website quickly and hassle-free. We like what we do and we’re good at it. It’s in everyone’s best interest for us to deliver what we say we will by when we say we will, and you can count on us for that just like the 1,000’s of clients we’ve served over the past 20+ years.

What We Do Here & How We Do It

To ensure a smooth and successful process here are some of the systems and processes we adhere to:

  • Written Policy & Procedure Manuals for process integrity and business continuity
  • Online Project Management Software (backed up in the Cloud)
  • Secure Cloud File Sharing
  • Encrypted Password File Systems
  • Scheduled on and off site backups
  • AntiVirus and AntiMalware on all servers and workstations
  • Contracts and Digital Signatures on all engagements
  • Ongoing technical training and development
  • Ongoing Business coaching and personal development

We look forward to working with you!


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